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Ride Northwave to Victory

From winning a stage of the Tour de France to nabbing a city limit sprint, victory takes many forms and Northwave delivers you there in featured-packed, Italian designed shoes that improve performance, look great, and fit comfortably. Whether your victory is standing on the podium at your state championships, earning a new badge on Zwift, or getting a PR, you can trust Northwave to elevate your experience.

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One Love / Infinite Passions

The ride is about more than the destination - it’s about the flow. The sense of discovery and the accompanying sights and sounds - it’s about a way of life that embraces adventure and the exhilaration of riding.  Northwave understands.  Its purpose-built collection of cross country, gravel, and all mountain shoes - crafted in Italy’s world-famous Montebelluna footwear district - help you connect with your bike and your limitless passion.

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Adventure Meets Comfort

The Gravel movement comes down to adventure and enjoying yourself while out on the bike. With all types of terrain Northwave has made it a priority to keep you comfortable whether you’re on Gravel roads all day, going for a quick ride, or navigating challenging wet, dirty, and dusty conditions. Keep yourself comfortable while riding the roughest terrain with a smile on your face. 

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For the more Extreme Rider

When dropping in on your next technical single track trail be sure that your shoes are up to the task.  There’s nothing more we enjoy here at Northwave than a proper adrenaline rush and we understand that the last worry you want on your mind is a possible slip off of the pedal. Our gravity specific mountain shoes crafted in world-famous Montebelluna will have you pushing the limits on any trail you want to conquer. 

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