Not all feet are the same, not even on the same person. The main difference is the conformation of the arch, and ensuring you’ve got the correct support is essential for avoiding tendinitis or plantar fasciitis. A customized arch support on its own doesn’t provide enough support, while technical soles with built-in support can be too extreme and cause discomfort or injury.

Northwave has combined the benefits of both solutions by ironing out their flaws and creating a first for the market: the exclusive patented Anatomical Arch Support® technology. This TPU arch support is externally integrated between the sole and the upper. TPU is not as stiff as the carbon in the sole and this allows the shoe to adapt to the arch of the foot, which gets the best possible support during movement and exercise. Go beyond customized arch supports with your own custom-fit shoe.


The only one that offers step by step and full opening release with just 1 single trigger.


From tires to soles, from cars to bikes. Northwave was the first cycling brand to strongly believe in the cooperation with Michelin Technical Soles. The core of the partnership is matching Michelin tires’ technology and Northwave’s shoe know-how. The result was the creation of truly innovative soles, designed to increase the performance of offroad technical shoes, featuring a technical and original design.
The technology developed by Michelin for its tires has brought an exceptional added value to further improve Northwave shoes’ performance. It is a new partnership, but it is growing impressively fast, mainly because the two parties strongly believe in the same core values: research, technology, innovation.