Ride Your Way is a new series by Northwave to celebrate riding in all its styles. No labels can define you, because riding is not just a sport, but a way of life, and you can choose your own.

No matter whether you get on the saddle to travel through dusty trails or choose two wheels to tackle the traffic on the way to work, just ride your way. Enjoy each second you spend riding, as what matters is you and the path you choose to explore as a traveler, an athlete, a commuter…or all of them.

Episode 3

w/ Alex Howes

Sometimes you just need to slow the pace down and seize the moment. Cycling means discovery, wonder, and reconnection with nature when you choose to see the world from a saddle. It’s a challenge with yourself, isn’t it?

And the prize is out there, the satisfaction of freedom from constraints. You can taste a bite of it through the amazing adventures of Alex Howes, who has redefined a new way of conceiving riding. He set new goals and adopted new perspectives that are worth being explored by bike.

Our friendship and collab with Alex is continuing, beyond labels and titles, on the name of what really counts: the passion for riding. You can’t miss the third episode of the series #rideyourway, get yourself thrilled by the energy of this man, get inspired by its adventures.

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Can you breathe
the scent of the forest.